Chicken feet

Chicken feet is part of the Chicken that use in China, Korea, Trinidad, Jamaica, South Africa, Peru, Dominican, Mexico, the Philippines, the Middle East and Vietnam eaten.The small bones of the chicken eat it difficult for some, it must be removed before eating them. Because too much skin, chicken feet is very gelatinous.

The benefits of chicken feet
The consumption of chicken cartilage repair damaged bone and soft drug.not recommended, because they have high saturated fat and harmful for people with overweight and diabetes. The chicken foot soup nutritionists best source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A and D are as useful for children with rickets know. They believe that with a little onion, cooked chicken feet will be more absorbable calcium.
Collagen protein fed to mice that had been extracted from chicken legs to the conclusion that their blood pressure significantly decreased.medical scientists have found that four proteins in chicken legs has an important role in Control blood pressure. Consumption of chicken feet soup the best medicine and a source of calcium and vitamin D for children, youth and adults Extracts of chicken feet, full of vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus.
Chicken leg full of cartilage builder. Chicken leg is far more effective and more useful than the US and European cartilage pills. Chicken leg with "chondroitin sulfate" is to prevent and repair joints and cartilage necrosis and decay. Chicken foot pen full of blood and iron making. Chicken leg is also very useful for the prevention of osteoporosis, as well as properties in the treatment of arthritis miraculously.

Exports of chicken feet
Since the chicken feet is not much used in Iran, and is popular in eastern countries, especially China, hence the export of this product can be a tremendous exchange of money. Therefore,this company identified legal and hygienic slaughterhouses, can make a way to export of these products.